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Our platform is very unique:

We offer you the option of quoting and applying for Health Insurance from the
comfort of your computer or scheduling a one-on-one appointment to find a plan that works for you.

Finding the right plan for your needs can be a confusing process.

Skip the confusion!

Let us help you navigate through the healthcare maze.
Make an appointment today to tell us what you need in a healthcare plan;
we’d be delighted to tailor your coverage specifically to your design.

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Managing & Reducing Your Biggest Expense

Income taxes are most Americans’ biggest expense, and many people overpay! Are there deductions you’re not taking advantage of because you’re not aware of them? Are there deductions you’re not taking simply because you don’t want to ‘raise a red flag’ for the IRS? Sandy Botkin, CPA and CEO of the Tax Reduction Institute, joins the program this week to share some of the most overlooked deductions, as well as to discuss the value of using a tax-tracking tool, which can make things much easier if you have to go through an audit, as well as ensures you are not missing out on any important deductions.

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